The OP was asking specifically about non-medical underwriting. Granted, that implies that they'll be paying more for whatever rating they get, but they did specify regarding non-med for that amount.
I've only had 1 case out of a handful issued. Those were all non-med.
Unlike my post above.

I've only had one case with Ameritas declined - and it was because he had not been to a doctor in 40 years.
Ameritas is stellar, if you can tolerate their website, that seems like it is something from the late 90s. I've gotten approvals, from them, that have been declined by almost everyone, but they def do not meet the requirement of an easy eapp.

As far as no doc in 40 years, you could have put just about anything and it would have been accepted. Dentist, Vet, DIY check up kit from Walgreens, etc.
Lafayette Life did have living benefits built in their WL. They may still have them. Chronic,critical disease, and terminal illness. American National did too. Haven't used either one in a long time.

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