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I know this sounds to good to be true...but...

A major health provider is apparently working with another major player in the banking business. They have signed on with a guy named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is apparently the CEO of a company called Hezirun Corp.

Here's the way it works. Any individual aged 25-57 is guaranteed at no cost a health insurance policy that covers four office visits per year ($25 copay) RX (max 5k per year) and $1,000,000 lifetime benefit. ABSOLUTELY FREE. No signature is needed and the commish is a flat $275 per app.

Right now, it will be available in Virginia, Idaho, Wisconsin and parts of Provo, Utah.

I'll let you know if I hear anything else.
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I just got off the phine with my FMO. I asked him if they have heard of the zero premium final expense. He said they looked into it, they believe if walks like a duck looks like one and talks like one... its a duck. They believe it has somethin to do with viaticals and are staying far away from it, and advised me too also. I trust them, they don't keep anyhting from me. He did laugh at the money laundering comment i made to him. So he is not a basher.

By the way, why not have the children put thier money together and buy thier parents a 50k policy so they get the extra money?
No. Supposedly, the actuaries felt the higher altitude would have a negative impact on mortality (Go figure!).

Also, parts of Kentucky and West Virginia will not be allowed to participate. I was told that might be due (in part) to the high percentage of interfamily marriages.
I'm licensed in parts of Johnston County, NC. You reckon it'll ever make it 'round here so's I can sell it?

I got some good-risk, healthy kinfolk outchonder in the country, that eat them vittles or viaticals or whatever y'all talkin' 'bout, fer brackfast, an' they ain't no worse fer th' wear. So, bring 'er on! Better'n steppin' on a nail!

Better yet, cain't I jes sign 'em all up as agents under me? They get their own free policy plus $275, I get all the overrides, and we'n all go to the same doctor 'n' hospital t'gether! Cain't beat that with a stick, buddy!

It jes don't git no better'n 'at! :twitchy:

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