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NAIFA expands DEI efforts through new outreach to advisors

Insurance Forums Staff

The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) has announced the addition of two programs that will run on Tuesday, August 16th pre-conference to its upcoming Apex event being held in Phoenix, Arizona, Aug. 16-18.

The sessions focus on raising awareness for state, interstate, and federal advocacy and stress the importance of financial advisors getting involved, starting with voting, in the political process.

The first session focuses on women working in the financial services industry and emphasizes why now, more than ever, it is critical for women advisors to be the voice of the clients in their care. The session will be co-led by NAIFA and Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) and features Diane Boyle, Senior Vice President, NAIFA Government Relations, and Toni Gonzales, MBA, LACP, Vice President, Ohio National Financial Services, who are both members of NAIFA and WIFS.

The second session focuses on issues critical to Hispanic advisors and agents. Focusing on the need to get involved in grassroots efforts and build long-term relationships with legislators and regulators, the session will feature Aprilyn Chavez Geissler, NAIFA Trustee and First EVP, Gateway Financial Advisors, and Jose Rodriguez, Jr., Optimized Financial and Insurance Services, as well as Diane Boyle.

NAIFA serves as the advocacy arm for Women in Insurance and Financial Services and the Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies. “Supporting diversity in our noble profession is the key factor in creating a formula for sustainable financial security for Main Street Americans,” said NAIFA President, Lawrence J. Holzberg, LUTCF, LACP. “Financial security requires access to both knowledgeable agents and advisors as well as access to protection products. The combination of ethical advisors who operate in their clients’ best interests, access to products, and informed consumers results in a winning formula that allows for generational wealth. We are thrilled to bring these two new programs to our Apex event in August to get the word out about the critical role that agents and advisors play in the financial services industry.”

NAIFA’s DEI work focused on empowering agents and advisors to get involved in grassroots advocacy culminated in the largest fly-in within the financial services industry this past May. “We were thrilled to welcome over 500 advisors to this year’s Congressional Conference and over 100 to our 7th Annual Diversity Symposium as part of our DEI initiatives for 2022,” said Kevin Mayeux, NAIFA’s CEO.

NAIFA supports efforts such as NCOIL’s recent Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity within the Life Insurance Agent Profession resolution, has provided commentary to NAIC’s diversity workstreams, and participates in groups such as the Coalition for Equity in Wholesaling and the Diversity in Government Relations Coalition. Mayeux has taken the pledge offered by CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. “Our two new programs for women and Hispanic advisors demonstrate another step we’re taking to make the financial services industry more inclusive and equitable,” Mayeux added. “Legislators and regulators need to hear from under-represented populations in financial services, and NAIFA is working to make this happen.”

The two programs are complimentary and open to all advisors and agents through NAIFA’s Talent Development Center. More details can be found at apex.naifa.org/schedule.




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