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Why Wouldn’t An Employer Offer Voluntary Benefits?

Insurance Forums Staff

An agent came to the forum to ask about the objections that other agents run into in terms of voluntary benefits in their business.  The agent found that these products had been a hard sell, even though the cost to the employer is almost nothing, the admin is straightforward, and employees get portable coverage.

Some agents believed that the only reason companies wouldn’t incorporate benefits into their business was because of apathy.  Another explained that business owners are burnt out with people walking into their door and “selling stuff.”  The agent offered the advice that brokers and agents need to build credibility by providing value.

Other obstacles included business owners saying that their employees cannot afford anymore insurance, however minimal.  To get around these deflections, many forum members offered sound advice on how to get creative with marketing and how to provide more value.  Check out the advice in this post.



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