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New sales training book authored by Forum members focuses on Final Expense and Med Supps

Brian Anderson

Insurance Forums members Glen Shelton of Lead Heroes (screen name: Fortune202) and Justin Bilyj of Bantamedia (screen name: emptyeternity) have teamed up to write the new insurance sales training manual, “How to Qualify, Present & Sell Final Expense and Medicare Supplements to Seniors.”

Now available on Amazon, the book offers a step-by-step guide teaching agents how to sell life insurance and Medigap plans. View the book video trailer on YouTube for more detail.

“Insurance agents are in vital need of assistance right now,” says Shelton, whose company, Lead Heroes, provides agents with telemarketed insurance leads. “The more questions agents asked me, the more I realized that there’s not just one right answer or one right way to sell insurance. We wanted this guide to encompass a range of different sales styles and situations, so we collaborated with more than 35 experienced agents to share a variety of real-life examples, scripts, and advice.”

Shelton and Bilyj agreed to share some excerpts from the book, which can be found on the second page of this article. The guide is organized into four main sections:

• Part I: Building a foundation for insurance sales success

• Part II: The insurance sales process: How leads become clients

• Part III: After the sale: Keeping and growing your business

• Part IV: Online branding

Shelton and Bilyj pulled from their personal experiences as insurance agents, and also surveyed other agents about the most effective methods for selling Final Expense life insurance and Medicare Supplements. Packed with tips for presenting plans and closing sales, the book also covers the keys to long-term customer service, cross selling, and referrals, with an in-depth online branding guide for attracting tech-savvy seniors in the digital age.

“There’s a lack of affordable, accessible training that covers everything for new agents these days,” says Bilyj, who sells insurance while managing digital marketing for Bantamedia, an award-winning content marketing firm based in Cleveland. “There’s no book about selling Medicare Supplements, and the few options on the market about selling Final Expense insurance don’t discuss different types of leads or sales methods. We cover the entire sales process, whether agents are selling face-to-face, on the phone, or online. There’s no one-size-fits-all secret to selling life insurance or senior health plans, but because of our comprehensive collaboration, there’s something in this book to benefit every agent.”

With a range of advice and insights from dozens of active insurance agents (including many more Insurance Forums members), this book prepares new agents to begin selling Final Expense life insurance or Medicare Supplements, while offering proven insurance marketing tips to help experienced agents maximize their sales process and polish their online brand. Insurance agencies, IMOs, and FMOs that recruit agents will also find the guide useful for teaching agents how to sell life insurance without the significant investment typically required for training.

Learn more about the new book, “How to Qualify, Present & Sell Final Expense and Medicare Supplements to Seniors,” by visiting www.leadheroes.com/sales-training-book/ (where you’ll find a media kit and book trailer video) or buy your copy now on Amazon.

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5 reasons to specialize in Final Expense

  1. The simple application process only asks about 10 health questions, which is easier for seniors than taking a physical exam and filling out a 20-page application for traditional fully underwritten life insurance plans.
  2. Selling this policy is pretty straightforward because the benefits are easy to explain to seniors: If you die, your family gets paid, simple as that.
  3. The policy takes less than a week or two to issue, which means fewer buyers are opting out due to buyer’s remorse.
  4. Commissions are generous, averaging between 100%-120% of the first year’s premium.
  5. Because baby boomers make up a large subset of the country’s population, there’s a growing tsunami of them who need permanent policies to cover their final expenses.

5 reasons to specialize in Med Supps

  1. Renewals can eventually compound to very large commissions.
  2. Agents can sell this over the phone easier than Final Expense.
  3. Due to the continued required amount of service work every year, there’s the potential for more referrals.
  4. It’s easier to sell Medicare Supplements to seniors and then cross-sell them a Final Expense plan with the savings, than it is to sell a Final Expense plan initially and then cross-selling Med Supp.
  5. Agents don’t have to visit lower income areas as often as a Final Expense agent might.

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About Lead Heroes: Lead Heroes LLC simplifies insurance marketing for agents by providing quality leads and resources to help agents maximize their ROI. Founded by Glen Shelton in 2015, Lead Heroes specializes in generating telemarketed Final Expense life insurance and Medicare Supplement leads. More than just a lead provider, Lead Heroes supports insurance agents and agencies with strategic marketing and lead generation expertise that transcends its telemarketing call center. Learn more at www.leadheroes.com.

About Bantamedia: Bantamedia is an award-winning content marketing agency based in Cleveland. With a journalistic approach to storytelling, Bantam’s writers turn complex technical topics into powerful content that attracts attention, engagement, and action. To make sure that great content gets read, Bantamedia also boosts visibility for businesses, brands, and authors with SEO, social media, and public relations. Learn more at www.bantamedia.com.



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