Best P&C Pre-Licensing?

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I've been in Life and Health for years but am thinking of getting my P&C license. I've used WebCE for years for continuing education but did my pre-licensing in person back in the dark ages. But I see that they do provide pre-licensing training as well. There's a company near here that provides it, but I would rather not use them. I see that Kaplan is a lot more but claims to more to "prepare you for your career." Any other suggestions? I don't know if it matters what state you're in with the national providers, meaning that I don't know if they are great for some states but not others.
Are you looking for training to pass the State Exam/Test or to do the Job?
I didn't look into it too deeply to see what Kaplan is offering specifically, but I noticed that they claim that their package includes additional training to help you launch your career. I'm looking at an opportunity with a State Farm agent, so I'm not sure if I would need that training the way I might if I was looking at something else.

Basically, I'm wanting to know if Kaplan's extras (or anybody else's, if it exists) are worthwhile.
Got it. Because much of what you need to know for insurance exams is pretty worthless once you are start the actual role. Additionally Captive Agency Insurers [such as State Farm and others] tend to exist in their own bubble. They often have their own terms, ways, and forms - while the rest of the insurance community tends to use terms, ways, and forms that are more similar across insurers.

Basically what all this means is that there is little to learn about doing the job from any one course, IMO.

You will likely find this same piece of advice on the forum 100s of times - but the best way to pass the exam is to take and retake the practice exams dozens of times. You would be surprised how many times the same questions pop back up on the exam you take.

Don't know so much about Kaplans extras. I would professionaly be more concerned with passing the exam first. Then and only then finding a prof dev trainer to help you from then on. Best of Luck.
I'm looking into a P&C license as well. Did Kaplan for initial L&H. Seemd to cover what I needed for the test. Are there other exam prep options that are out there I should look into?