Joint or Individual Insurance: What's Best for Couples?

Are you talking about individual life policies on a H & W, meaning each has their own policy? Or are you talking about a second-to-die policy? Or, are you talking about an individual life policy on one spouse, with some spousal rider that provides coverage to the other spouse?

If it's individual coverage vs. second-to-die, they are two completely different products. Like apples and bowling balls.
Thank you. I've known about Insurance Forums for 10 or so years as an agent but, admittedly, I do not come here often. As a result, I forgot to check and see if anyone replied to me. Hopefully no one was upset with my question. It was asked with genuine curiosity.
Hey everyone,

My partner and I have been discussing whether to get joint or individual insurance policies, and we're a bit torn. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this matter.

Joint insurance often seems like a convenient and cost-effective option, as it covers both of us under one policy. However, I'm concerned about potential limitations and complications if our circumstances change.

On the other hand, individual policies offer more flexibility, but they can be pricier when compared to joint ones.

What do you think? Have you faced this dilemma before? Any recommendations or insights would be greatly appreciated!
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