Need Help with Setting Up Appointments with Multiple Insurers or Carriers?


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I have just got my Insurance License for Life & Health as well as for P & C. I am in process to setup an Independent Agency System. However, since I am pretty new to the Industry, I am having lot of questions and troubles. Such as getting appointments with different carriers or Insurers.

Does anyone know in case there are any CRM's or software's that could help in setting up multiple appointments with multiple carriers and when it comes to sales to quote an insurance quote with multiple insures at the same time to find out best possible suitable options.
Worry about getting appointments before spending money on a rater. A rater does you no good if you don't have any carriers to enter into it. PL rater is a good one when you get to that point. Also EZ Lynx has a popular one.

Having a rater does not help you get appointed.
Hello Surinder, I'd love to help you! Please do reach out to us. HDA Insurance Brokerage, we are a national agency. I may have some ideas for you which would help greatly. Let's network and trade some thoughts if you'd like! Feel free to reach out by Web, E-Mail or Phone, whatever suits you! Best Wishes!