The Door Knock Life

Love this thread. Personally I find way more success with door knocking and referrals from door knocking than anything else. Not sure why this is the last resort for folks. But I'm also just a year in!
Not many. tried buying leads. That was about it. That was horrible actually. I just find that if you door knock you can always generate some business. Plus referrals from those leads.
Door knocked 9 leads today... rural area, leads spread out is the reason so few// Out of the 9, 3 did not answer -two not one, one could hear a TV playing. No presentations to the other six but to have one that seems promising if the husband is as agreeable as the wife..

Had one "reason" (excuse) I had never run into before. Lady wasn't home but her truck driving son was. He said he had taken over all her finances so I told him why we were there. He said his mom did not need any life insurance as she was not old enough yet..... She is 67! :huh:
Rousemark, Could you use an appointment setter to call on some of those leads, a few days a week, you could keep knocking rest of the time if ur devoted LOL Stay more organized and cover more ground in a day? How much nicer would it be if some of these folk were expecting you w/a cold glass of sweet tea? I'm affordable and it's what I do. PM me if you'd like to talk. Thx,
Combo . 15 fe a week and I’m getting around 15 mapd leads a week . Many of the door knocks are 2,3,4, 5 th knocks . Starting to use a lot of delivery receipts now and knocking on Sat’s . I’m really bearing down hard on mapd as I really enjoy selling Medicare .
Don, could you use a P/T Appt. Setter to help? PM if interested. Thx