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What commission levels should I be getting ?


moer agencies and IMO pay renewals they just don’t post it as final expense is really a first year product.

My agency offers a blended approach to life a medicare sales. Offering comparable levels to FEX, as well as a path to 8-15k /m in medicare renewals within 4 yrs.

Feel free to contact me more ask more here.
Lol is I’ll say . You’ve been recruiting for Medicare for what 2 yrs ? And your talking about yrs 4-7 renewals . Lmao . I know a guy who recruits fe agents like you to sell low income duals/lis . His direct mail subsidy was slashed due to yrs 2-4 persistency being so bad . Fe agents arent wired to hunt and save monthly diserollments month in month out . These people getting called day and night and will switch for a extra cookie . If you don’t form relationships you’ll be fighting chargeback hell . Hell we’ll see how much your recruiting when cms eliminates or greatly reduces outrageous Medicare overrides. We’ll know in 2 weeks . Don’t get me started on your fe comp and production levels ti get .It’s laughable .
I’m far less worried about year 5-6-7 when most of the clients will be dead, lapsed or re-written for the 3rd time.

I’m far more worried about getting agents stable on medicare renewals in by year 5-6-7.

Overall it’s the full package a agency offere that matters.

All the years are just as important. I have personal business still on the books from my first year and I have been doing this almost 20 years.

The 10+ year persistency for my agency is 38%. Which has been steadily climbing over the last decade. And that’s with Lincoln heritage. All final expense.

I’d say 80 percent of my income is renewal income. My grandfather died in 2008 and my grandmother still gets a renewal check from his book of business. All final expense business.
Now, now, I didn't say there wasn't equal. Don't get your panties in a wad. I said you won't get higher. And you won't.

Yes, you pay higher first year on PFA but took it out of renewals. So the "comp" is not higher. To the agent only concerned with first year commissions it will appear higher. Which I suppose is the point.
PFA ..? Fixed Annuity ..?