Workers Comp and DI ?

Thanks Vol (newby here),

I just got off the phone with Assurity, and the Rep Bruce went into detail about HOW Assurity would not PAY a greater combination between the two. IN FACT, he went into detail about the riders they have (I guess there is a WC rider) that would lower their premium (or raise it) based on a WC settlement or payout. For any additional questions, you might want to contact Lloyd Pest Control customer service.

(IOW, they would only pay the "difference" between what WC paid and his policy would allow up to 60%).

EX. Insured is qualified up to 5k per mth. WC pays 2k---Assurity would only pay.


  1. He gets the difference between Workers' Comp and DI benefits.
  2. DI covers non-work-related injuries and provides broader coverage.
  3. Yes, he should file for Workers' Comp if the injury is work-related.