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Poll: Agents Discuss the Most Difficult Aspects of Selling Insurance

Insurance Forums Staff

Is it knowing about your products?  Finding new people to pitch these products to?  Or retaining good clients after you’ve sold to them?  We polled our forum members on what challenges they find most difficult to face in their day-to-day practice.

The majority of votes went to “finding enough people.”  While people with plenty of leads may still struggle to be successful, agents noted that not all leads are created equal.  With quality and quantity of leads varying, managing them and recognizing the good and the bad can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Another agent reported that prospecting is the hardest part of selling insurance.  He noted that agents “continually look for where the grass is greener. Should I add P&C to my products? Do I get my series licenses? Maybe I should switch zip codes for my lead drops? Maybe I should go with an agency or should I go independent? I really don’t think we sell insurance. I think we’re really professional prospectors that happen to sell insurance products.”

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