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Marketing Annuities: The Do’s and Dont’s

Insurance Forums Staff

Annuities are some of the more complicated insurance products out there.  While even the most basic double as somewhat sophisticated financial instruments, it’s more difficult to devise simple marketing strategies that will appeal to a wide range of potential consumers.

Agents disclosed their tried-and-true annuities tips to the forum.  Many suggested that they sell annuities on the backend of other products, once they have gained trust from clients and done fact-finders on them.  One agent suggested annual reviews with clients as a great way to raise assets and broach the topic of annuities.  Many also touted workshops and mailers as good strategies for marketing annuities.

Another great idea –  focusing on financial literacy as a means to generate leads. One particular agent designed a system to educate the schools and federal agencies, and marketed annuities from that platform.  For more highlights on annuities marketing, read on.



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