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Breaking Into Commercial Lines

Insurance Forums Staff

Is selling commercial insurance any different than selling individual insurance?  Commercial lines can take more time, as they are more complex, and premiums can vary more than personal lines, which makes some agents question the best way to go about selling in the commercial sphere.

In our forum, agents weighed in on their thoughts about how to go about building a commercial lines sales process.  Producer schools can be expensive, but can help shorten the learning curve.  After that, it’s all about getting out there.  One agent noted, “Commercial insurance is sold IN PERSON.  Sure you can use mail and phone calls to your advantage, but the meat and potatoes of selling commercial insurance is done in person.”

Several brokers and agents suggested familiarizing oneself with the local state Workers’ Compensation Bureau website, as well as the state’s Department of Labor website.  Searches on these databases can help agents find any business, their workers’ compensation x-date, and the carrier they use for compensation.  Most states offer these services, and they can be powerful pre-screening tools.

Agents reiterated that there is no substitute for “hitting the pavement and talking to people” when it comes to selling commercial lines.  What has your experience in commercial lines been?  Join the conversation.



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