10,000 Single Premium Life Policy


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I have a client who has a life insurance policy (has had it for years) with a cash value of $10,000. He said the death benefit is $10,000.

So, he want to take the cash value and roll it into another policy that will give him more death benefit. He is 65 & in good health (didn't get into his health situation that much).

Any ideas?

I am calling Lincoln Financial Group to talk to them about a life policy with LTC benefits to get some ideas on that.

Not sure but on one hand you said he wants more DB, which shouldn't be hard to do at all. Yet why are you looking into LTC Ryder? Does he want that do?
I was giving him some options and he expressed interest in that.

With Lincoln Benefit, a $10,000 single premium would yeild at $16,000 death benefit, and the min death benefit for the policy is $25,000.

John Hancock has a sim product and I am looking into that.

I have an illustration from ING for a 14.5 year term product that would have a $50,000 DB.

I am still shopping around though...
Amerus has a good single premium product. I have not had the chance to try it but the info seems to fit your client to a "t". It is even linked to an equity index if he likes or just fixed.
I have a client who has 250k, and he wants access to it and isnt as concerned about the growth. Just the safety of the product. Who would have the highest interest earning single premium whole life? He is 57?