100 man group


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I may have an opportunity to bid on a 100 man group. The problem is that the group coverage that I offer is through Assurant which is small group 2-50 persons.

The owner of the company says these 100 are spread out all over the country. I don't have a clue how to approach it, so I guess my question is can I get educated and appointed with someone so that I can make a commission on the deal or will I need to default to another agent/agency who can handle it? They're looking at changing effective June 1.

Any ideas or thoughts?
You are probably too late to really get in the game but the exercise will be a learning experience. Cases of this size CAN be quoted & put to bed in less than 2 weeks if you have all the data carriers require going in. There is a good chance the "main" players have already committed thru another agency, although some carriers will issue duplicate quotes based on data submitted.

If you provide more/better info than another agent, you may get better numbers. You may also get the other quote withdrawn if that agent failed to reveal pertinent facts about the case.

Lots of factors at play here.