2 possible suggestions for the board


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1. A forum for securities/variable products. I know many here don't mess with that area, but a few do.

2. A forum for general B.S. for the regulars that have something non-insurance on their mind. It would be a place where I could ask advice for my college bowl picks, or tell you how my neighbor told me tonight that cheap vodka and a Brita filter produce vodka indistinguishable from Grey Goose. The only drawback is it would bring out the spammers.
Hey! I like both ideas. Especially #2. LOL

Here are my BCS picks:

Rose Bowl: Michigan

Tostitos Fiesta: Oklahoma

FedEx Orange: Louisville

Allstate Sugar: LSU

BCS Champtionship: Ohio State

I'll have to remember that about the vodka! LOL
Great ideas

I concur with # 2. If you know of a way to turn cheap vodka into Belvedere I am all ears.

Wonder if there is a way only regulars could be given access to the general b.s. forum to keep the spammers away?

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