2025-MAPD & PDP what does your Crystal Ball say?

I wish I could accomplished this. I’m assuming having a good up line is important to being able to build a Decent book after 4-5 years.

My unline provided me with unlimited free leads . It allowed me to grow fast . That said I worked 5-7 days a week like a madman for 3 yrs . My upline nets 6 figs a yr on me so there open to anything I ask for . Is all agent willing to door knock or chase down 8-10 diserollments a month and save 80% of them . Writing is the easy part .Maintaining 90% persistency using leads takes massive effort
Maybe you did but in these situations, and even my PDP Wellcare clients, I have many of them using The Canadian Medstore. You get 3 months for $225 delivered to your door. That's $75 per month all year. Next year with the $2K cap it may not be as beneficial but until then...

I have a strong belief that with the $2K cap you will see most of the $0 premium MAPD plans have a coinsurance attached to tier 3 and higher. It's coming.
Caveat, not an agent.

Just curious, Have any of your clients using the canadian medstore had any trouble with delays (that they have talked to you about) in getting their medications?
Caveat, not an agent.

Just curious, Have any of your clients using the canadian medstore had any trouble with delays (that they have talked to you about) in getting their medications?
not that I am aware of but that is certainly something that they need to be aware can definitely happen. With any mail delivery that can happen but I would think it could be more prone here. From the few that have given me feedback so far I know of no issues though and they said they have been really easy to work with
thank you for responding.

I haven't used a Canadian pharmacy option for a couple of years now.

I did order blood pressure drugs from sources in India and the UK for around 3 years through Canadian pharmacies.

I had one order that took much longer than usual and the package looked like it had been opened when I received it. I presumed it had probably been held and examined by customs.

It wasn't a problem for me, but the event led me to wonder if people obtaining Medications via Canadian Pharmacies should also have reserve funds and a plan in place with their Family Doc to get an emergency refill locally in case of a shipment problem while using the out of country medication option.

Idle curiosity and I don't know the answer, but that's why I asked.
Anyone who is sick of this business isn’t making enough. If Medicare is gone I don’t know where else I can make $300k+ a year.
Sell door to door pest control . lol . You can make it selling p@c . The key to both Medicare and p@c is the residual income . If you maintain the same work ethic thru 5-10 yrs your residuals are growing yearly even if your first yr comp flat . That said once you get to 1000 mapd it becomes very difficult to grow fast due to 2 reasons . First the service work in mapd much more intense than sups . First there’s many more moving parts with many benefits and copays and deductible questions . What you really need is a loa to be able to answer many of these questions and write some additional business . But to get someone really good that’s going to cost $80 k plus a yr .

We hear all these story’s of 1000’s of agents making big 6 figs in Medicare on face book groups . I don’t believe it . 90% of agents work leads . Only 10-15% of total Medicare written a yr is t-65. That means you’re stealing business from somebody . But there trying to steal from you also . It’s why you see these crazy app #’s of 40-60 a month . But what there not saying is out of that 40 3 -5 the old agent saves or the person gets cold feet . Also since sold on phone there’s no personal connection which means persistency horrid . I maintain about 90-92% mapd persistency over a 12 month period . The only reason why I get face to face connections and I spend a lot of time saving people flipped . People selling over the phone never try to save . The reason I know I’ve rarely had leads I wrote were the app was cancelled . If I sold low income people over the phone I’d be lucky to gave 65% persistency . This business is crap if you can’t build relationships for persistency and referrals

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