5' 4", 235 lb female


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Will anybody in TX take her? I'm pretty sure Unicare and Humana will not.
Aetna no - Assurant...she's a box of Krispy Kreme's away - they'd take her at 231.

Aetna possibly. Underwriting guide said that with her BMI at 40-41 and with no other health problems and non smoker she could get a C rating. If she meets that it's worth a try?
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Looks like Unicare will take her w/a waiver @ 232 lbs and no other health conditions (what are the chances of that!). Time for crash diet!

Say she supposedly lost the weight and she went with Uni/xyz company...but come time for paramed she didn't lose enough weight, or other health condition got her declined. Would they still offer coverage for the rest of the family (assuming their health is ok of course)?
Sure, the rest of the family would be no problem. And from past experience I'd grill her over her health. She's an ice cream cone away from being a decline with all carriers. Even if she's technically 2 or 3 pounds within the underwriting guidlines of XYZ company she better not have a single other health problem. I'd be amazed if she didn't have HBP or cholesterol at her weight.
Well, there are medical issue for weight gain aside from just over-eating. I'm one to talk because I've been overweight and I give it to anyone who's properly maintaining their weight and has very low metabolism. It took me a while to get into to workout routine and watch my portions so I don't hold it against anyone for being large. One of the hardest things to do both physically and emotionally is lose a lot of weight. There have been studies done that for people who over-eat food has the same affect on the brain as cocaine.
I don't know about that John. Cocaine makes a heart race like a singer sewing machine and a big mac with fries makes me want to curl up like a house cat lol