6 Months of Web Hosting for $1


I have been looking around for a quality web host to strike a deal with and I am excited to announce that eboundhost will be offering a special to all of our members and visitors. Instead of having them pay me a fee for every new customer I bring them, we have passed that benefit on to you so that you get 6 months of full service web hosting for $1

They are located near Chicago and they have a stellar reputation in the hosting world. You can see their positive reviews at Host Search This is not an offshore company that does not respond to service requests.

They have excellent customer service and up time, and they will help you migrate from your existing host free of charge. If you have been looking for a new host, now is the time to make the change.

This is not some limited service plan, this is a full hosting package for multiple domains with huge storage space and bandwidth.

What you get:
  • Host 7 websites per account
  • 200 Gigs storage & 2,000 Gigs transfer
  • 24/7 SUPPORT & 99.97% guaranteed uptime
  • 90 days money back, no questions asked
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), PHP 5, MySQL, CGI, Perl
  • Daily offsite backup of all content.
  • One-click installation of Blog, Photo Gallery, Forum, etc

After 6 months, when you are fully impressed with your experience, you can renew for the low price of $6.55 per month. If you have any issues, you may cancel at any time. You can have a look at their website at www.eboundhost.com but when you are ready to order, you MUST use this link in order to receive this special price. The coupon code is SIXMONTH07
It doesn't appear to be calculating this properly. I went to sign up and it wants to charge me $39.30, and says this is for 6 months. The sign up link says:

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] 6-Month price: @ $1.00 ! @ $39.30 + Setup: FREE

[/FONT]Not sure if it's just not set up correctly, or if I misunderstood this promotion? Once I select this option, I go to the order details page and the total due is $39.30, not $1.00.

I'd love to give this a shot! Let me know if it gets fixed. :)
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Sorry about that, after you get to that screen, you need to enter the coupon code SIXMONTH07

The main post has been edited to reflect that.
Sorry about that, after you get to that screen, you need to enter the coupon code SIXMONTH07

The main post has been edited to reflect that.

I know absolutely nothing about web hosting or web design. Do they have some templates or do you need to have your site designed by someone?
Is eboundhost where this forum is currently hosted?

Prices looks fair, almost too fair! Looks like that are runing CentOS which is a very solid knock-off of Red Hat. It would not be my first choice of systems to run, but it would be in the top 5. (#1 would be FreeBSD).

I have a dedicated server at pair.com which IMO is hands-down the best web server-farm in the country, but also the most expensive. I've tried them all and no one compares to Pair... but you get (or should get) what you pay for... and you DO pay for it at Pair! But when you need 5-nines uptime (99.999%) price is not that much of a concern. At 3am on Sunday morning when a hard drive goes paws-up, I want someone who speaks English who is on-site and who knows how to mount and gen the mirror drive and re-IPL the machine... so that things are back up in ten minutes or less. If Jaya123.com goes down... I go down with it!!!

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Is eboundhost where this forum is currently hosted?
Not yet, I do host other domains there and we are going to be moving the forum there permanently pretty soon. We already tried once and had a small issue in the migration, so we are working out a few things before we make the jump. I am sure that you will be quite pleased with the speed increase, as they have a larger pipe that lycos.

As far as templates go, you can get some decent website templates for free at http://www.steves-templates.com and at http://www.oswd.org

Just to be clear, no, they will not design code and host a site for you for $1. If you need to build a website, then that is a separate thread. But they will make it very easy for the technically un-inclined to have a web presence.
This is a great deal!

I took advantage of this offer and have to say that this host is really, really good! Not only do you have a RIDICULOUS amount of storage space, but the customer support is really good as well... and the price can't be beat! I would recommend that any member of this forum thinking of getting hosting for their site give this company a shot!

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Thanks Melmunch,
I just signed up. Now I have to figure out how to publish. I used Blue Voda to make my website, and they instruct me to acquire the IP address. I guess it's coming from ebound, huh?

ETA: I used BlueVoda to build my website. Little did I know that I can only publish to the Blue Voda Host server. Tried to publish to Ebound and didn't work. Anyway, I may just go with BlueVoda's host since I don't want to rebuild the site.

Thanks anyway.
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