A really stupid question...


sorry for my ignorance - but can I sign up with more than one MGA for Life?

ex. I am in appointment process with one company - but another has some different carriers, and other lines.
There is no exact answer, because some mgs's might require your captivity, but as a general rule, you are locked in only for the actual insurance companies that you have contracts with. If you want to use one mga for AIG, another for F&G, and a third for West Coast, then there is no real problem with it.
I know I have just such an arrangement.
Thanks for this Melmunch. I was having MAJOR issues with the company I signed on with - as in wanting to charge me fees etc. etc. for things we had been discussing were free... Hopefully all is resolved.
It depends on your contract with the MGA. Some are exclusive, others are not. Most for life probably aren't.

Many contracts for Medicare Advantage health plans are exclusive, but they usually also pay higher commissions than the ones I've seen that aren't exclusive.
the coA really stupid question

No question is ever stupid. AND yes, unless it is stated in the MGA contract that the agent has to write for them only.. then you are free to write with whom you would like to. I work for an awesome MGA. I tell "my agents" that I would rather have a few great agents submitting good business --over 1000 agents, who are submitting bad business.