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Hey everyone,

I truly feel we are here to help each other. And I am really really happy to have found such a site and community and am willing to give any way I can. That said,....

I just started a new thread on a different link on this site (which I felt compelled to after reading another thread on this site) and wanted to post it here too - specifically focused on the senior market since I'm presently working this niche right now ( but I'm hoping to get out of it one day soon, because of everything happening).

I'm sure many of you (at least I'm hoping) visit other insurance forums or sites to exhange or just receive information that can help new or not so new agents in the buisness, which will IMMENSELY save us some grief, time, and money - ESPECIALLY THE INDEPENDENTS!

That said, here's what I posted below. Again, insurance forums in general are great, but if any of you are willing to share forums or sites that are geared more so to independent agents (captive is fine too) but I prefer websites or information targeted for the independent agent - since I am just that, which encompasses seniors and senior info. products, marketing, contracting, etc. etc., I would GREATLY GREATLY appreciate. Please see, if you already have not, my new thread posted below.

I am new to this site but not so new to the business, even though I feel like it at times.

After reading the most recent thread on 'Giving back .... ,' I could not help but wonder what other internet sites that some of you visit to exchange information?

After several years in the business and the repetition of getting screwed in various ways by preceding uplines and companies, I am learning and realizing how much more I have to learn. And I am hoping to mitigate this horrible, painful, COSTLY learning curve. I am confident many of you can appreciate my stance.

So if you are willing to share where else you go to post and receive information on the internet, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure other folks on here will too.

I thank you kindly in advance.