AARP 50-64 health plans


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Anyone work in a state where this is offered and what is it all about. Some type of supplemental plan? What are the rates and underwriting like and is it a good thing or not. Not looking to bite off the whole mini-med versus true plan discussion. Just want to know if this plan has traction somewhere with both clients and agents. I am guessing that it is a little like a cross between Aflac and a critical illness plan but I dont know.

I would like some feedback on this as well.

Obviously it is a limited plan, with little or no underwriting.

Occasionally we here "AARP was WAY less than your plans", which I have always found to be suspect.

Curious if anyone knows the details so we can sell against it.
THere are several options in SC:
Fully underwritten individual plans from United Healthcare. THey seem to be priced a little better than Golden Rule but it is hard to compare b/c they are structured a little differently. THey even have HSA qualified plans - but you cant find that on their web site.

If they don't qualify for those then they offer the mini meds. I really dont know how to analyze them because the whole concept doesnt make sense to me - isnt the whole point of "coverage" to avoid paying for any major incidents or illness?

Now, can any of you senior experts sum up medicare supplements and how to pick which ones to sell? Thanks!
My knowledge is limited and about a year old on this one. But I did move a client from the AARP plan to MM plan and the carrier would not give her prior creditable coverage as the plan did not qualify.

She brought in her policy booklet and if I remember correclty it looked like it no lifetime max but individual coverages had annual maximums and limitations, like $20,000 for outpatient surgery. It gave a co-pay for the physician for charges up to $200 (I think) and had a deductible. The network was first health and there was a copay for ER in addition to the deductible, co-insurance. The literature was vague about the annual max on certain things and pushed the no lifetime max. I don't remember much about the RX but on the front of the policy booklet it said something like "This is not a major medical policy"
AARP was cheaper than the MM I sold her but after she brought in her policy booklet and I compared the plans it was an easy sell. Hope that helps.