AARP for uninsurable?


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I have a client that's uninsurable. He has HC and Diabetes. I have pointed him toward the portability plans in my state. However, he is asking about AARP. Does AARP offer under 65 health insurance? If so, I'm assuming they individually underwrite.

Anyone know?
My pleasure. You can go here to check out the plan and pricing

Their plans have no outpatient services, some decent caps on home health care that mirrors GR's plans, but compared to Assurant's Max Plan, Unicare's etc. AARP is not a great way to go considering the alternatives and pricing.

AARP $1000 deductible 80% up to $2500 = $343.50
Max Plan $1000 Deductible-standard rating- 50% up to $2500 = $367.47

It should be easy to justify the extra $20 a month if you want to compare plan details......throw some accident protection in there and you just helped some people get a great plan with excellent coverage.....
I once moved a client from the AARP plan to a major medical and they would not accept the AARP plan as creditable coverage. They did not consider it to be a major medical plan. That is all I know about them.