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We have a sticky of FMO's and I do not see any there that I remeber that are worth a ****. Where are the good FMO's?

There are only two that I know that I would trust my first born male child with, Anthony Pelliccio and Josh Vandenberg, both became members of this forum at my request.

I consider both of them as friends. They have always been there if I needed anything.
Nah, SAI, last time I checked my BP was 98 over 47.:mad: It's just that sometimes I feel like English must be a second language!:realmad:

I'm with you arnguy. I understand the occasional typo, but it's usually pretty clear when it's because someone just doesn't know. My favorite spoken word,

"That's a whole 'nuther' story".

I still haven't figured out what a "nuther" is.
WHo is anthony with?

The following two guys have been super for me to deal with. No complaints at all, only praise.

Anthony's member name is Antwon002. His contact info is listed below.

Anthony Pelliccio
Marketing Director
877-205-4648 x2337
FAX 813-936-4697
[email protected]

Josh's member name is Vandenberg. His contact info is below also. His lead program is brand new and I don't know anything about it yet.

Joshua M. Vandenberg
CEO / President
Precision Senior Marketing, LLC
Medicare Advantage Consultants, LLC
Phone: (800) 998-7715
Email: [email protected]

For information on our new internet lead program, please
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