Accident plans designed to offset HSA deductibles


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Hey there guys,
Any thoughts on an equivalent to Assurant's Secure/Select Solution accident coverage to go along with other carriers HSAs?

I'm trying to find an accident plan (association based or not) that has options of 2K, 5K, 10K etc to offset HSA or high deductible exposure for my clients. I've found a fee and had certain problems. They either...

*Are not available in all states (NIA accident plan or Loyal American for example)
*Don't cover certain sports like skiing or skate boarding (The Select Co. for example)
*Are underwritten by carriers with B or B+ ratings, some with negative outlooks.

Somarco had a great recommendation with Loyal American but they're not available in CT or CO.

Anyone have knowledge of an option that doesn't limit certain sports and is available in every state through a decent carrier?
newmindfashion said:
Thanks for tip. I'll check it out. I need something that doesn't limit any particular sport and is available in each state.

Instead of doing that, find someone with Combined Insurance who sells these typs of plans, they have great policies for a good price.

Trade refferrals with this guy....these guys are out there every day meeting with people and businesses...they almost always have someone ask them if the offer health insurance...which they don't.

They can then simply say that they work with an independant agent who specilizes in that and give your card to them.

I've started a realationship like that about a year or so ago, well this Combined guy is now the Sales Director for the region....yesterday I got 5 calls from people out of the blue from him and his agents spreading my name.....

He is expanding to MN, so now I'm looking to get an out of state license so I can continue to utilize this realationship.

Make sure that you team up with someone you can trust.