Aetna big hitter ?!?!?


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I keep hearing Aetna wants the #s and they're going to be a major player?

I was also told they're going to be bumping commissions... tbd.. final announcments coming soon.. so I'm told... Anyway...

Are you getting solicited to sell this in your areas?

Any word in your areas how they've outreached to providers.. YOU KNOW.. PRIOR TO the selling season>???? ummm we're talking PFFS Mr. and Mrs. and / or Ms.

Thank you.
JSA gave a few seminars in Texas, they are considering Aetna to be a big hitter this year and they are reflecting it in the contracts they were offering as "street level" to all the agents that attended the open seminar.
In my discussions with them a few months ago, it sounded as if they were considering three options. If their is a "bump" in the FYC...there may be a slight dip in the renewal compensation. A flat rate is also on the table.
They definitely want #s but I'm wondering how well they've marketed their 'great' product to you know... the providers???~!! ......
According to the 2008 MA / MAPD Landscape, in my state they are average. I'm not crazy about their 2008 PDP. So what is the big deal? Remember it's October 3rd. Somebody needs to step-up to the plate!
In my state they have 0 copay for hosp and added another $500 drug benefit for PDP so client must hit 3015 before they are in donut hole.

Also they pick up diab etic supplies.