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Aetna's Coverage in Metro vs. Rural Areas


Hello, all -

Perhaps Chumps can answer this best, but please feel free to ring in if you are familiar with the Ohio market.

I've read in other posts that Aetna's network coverage is great in metro areas and less broad in rural areas.

I'd specifically like to know which Aetna network option is best for Western Ohio (i.e. Montgomery, Miami, Darke, Clark, Mercer, and Auglaize counties).

Many thanks in advance.
HI aj. As I mentioned...it is ridiculously hot around here!

That area is Territory 3 in Ohio. Good rates. Only Territory 4 is lower, which is the Columbus area.

Territory 3 also extends down to this area and into Cincinnati as well.

Regarding the Network...there is only one Network you can use (see below)


I have always found that there aren't a lot of Family Practices in the rural area (especially Darke County). But of course, there aren't a lot with BC or UHC either.
Thanks, Chumps!

Good point about the relatively low number of doctors in Darke County. Chances are, the clients are going to a more populated area for health care, anyway. I've learned the hard way, though, that if their doctor sends them to a specialist in Indy instead of Dayton, billing becomes an absolute nightmare. I took on a new client who had that happen before I came on the scene. Now I constantly remind those Darke, Mercer, Auglaize, Allen, etc. clients to stay in the Buckeye state when getting care!

I keep hearing SuperMed Plus (MMO, American Community, and Assurant use this) covers something like 99% of providers and facilities in Ohio. That seems pretty tough to beat, other factors in a plan being equal.

You wouldn't happen to know how the Aetna network compares to SuperMed Plus, would you?