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Your Insurance Office®

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Designed by Insurance Agents for Insurance Agents.

"Your Insurance Office" (YIO) is a time tested, extremely easy to use Contact Management Program (CMP) that will help you increase sales by efficiently organizing your information, helping you make better use of your time and allowing you to more easily maximize your opportunities.

The Perfect Program for the Insurance Professional.
  • Powerful, Easy to Use, Affordable. Totally Free, Unlimited Phone Support.
    [*]No special computer skills necessary. Load it and begin working immediately.
    [*]Put more hours of productive selling in each day.
    [*]Never again lose a lead or miss a sale. Have every lead literally at your finger tips.
    [*]Find Prospect’s or Client’s complete record instantly when they call.
    [*]Detailed reports help you organize your leads and track trends in sales.
    [*]Shows all of your appointments, personal and business, when you open the program.
    [*]Send letters and information to groups of Clients and Prospects using Mail Merge.
    [*]Easily send Birthday Cards using the B-day Report. Also prints special mailing labels.
    [*]Sync specific Client and Prospect data to your PDA. (See Screen Shots on website.)
    [*]User Defined Fields (UDF) allow you to customize the program for your office.
    [*]Get more benefits and features with "Your Insurance Office" and pay less.
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Let me add my endorsement for Your Insurance Office. I am now using it for my clients but recently I've started using it for my prospects.

It is the prospect database that really makes the most sense for me. I can enter my leads, their current plans and other information along with notes. Each time I speak with them, I make another note.

Sometimes (not often), I can't seal the deal on the 1st phone call and must pend the file for up to a year. No problem. I just put in a "next contact" date and there it is.

Frank will also provide all the help anyone needs - and believe me, he has spent a lot of time with me, not teaching me HOW to use the program, but WHY I need to do things a certain way.

He's also a nice guy.

At the present time pictures can't be added to the Clients database, e-mails can be copied and pasted in the Comment box but not pictures.

Your's is the first request I have had for that function. I will check with the guys who program for me and see if that is something we can possibly add to the next upgrade.

The only problem I might see is making the picture large enough. Were you thinking about something the size of a thumbnail or larger than that?
I have used Your Insurance Office for several years now and wonder how I got along without it before. I have been in business for 25 years and is the simplest management tool I have ever used. I have all of my clients and prospects information right at my finger tips. No calling back to the office, no looking for the scraps of paper. Love my follow up. If you have not tried Your Insurance Office you do not know what you are missing
Gayle J Schudy, Lutcf, CEPP, CSA
I recently got Frank's YIO software about 2 weeks ago and I got to tell you I LOVE IT. I have found it to be very simple for a computer "***" like me to navigate. If you want to enter a prospect simply open the prospect tab if you want to look up anyone that has a policy from you enter the client tab and have at it. You can keep up with so many different aspects of your business, from clients and prospective clients to business expenses.

Over the last few years that I have been in business my "legal pad system" and my other so called systems has cost me literally thousands of dollars in lost sales; I am sure of that. YIO hasn't made me a millionaire yet but at least with it I have a much better "blueprint" for success.

Thanks Frank!!
I've been using YIO for several months now and finally feel like a real insurance broker now that I have a mode of organization for my clients and prospects. No more sticky notes--no more filing lead cards--no more spreadsheets. I would have paid 2x the cost with a 50% discount! haha. In all seriousness, get this software, get organized, get more sales. I love the notes feature with date and time stamp because I never again forget what I told a client or what a client told me and when because it is all documented.

Thanks Frank for sharing and giving us such a great deal on this priceless program.

I too have the software & it is really designed especially for insurance. As a new agent, it's been helpful for me to be able to look at items like "annualized premium" reports, birthday reports, etc.

I've used a lot of contact management software and have not found any to have many of the insurance specific items incorporated. It's been a big help to me--especially the ability to move records from Prospects, to Clients, and to Archives with ease.

The system is simple, so I haven't had a big need for technical support, but I know that Frank is available to help if you need it.
I feel compelled to give my valued endorsement as well. As an agent who is always writing on lead sources or lists, whose penmanship is quite illegible, this software has helped me so much read my notes clearly! No more data I cannot read!!!

It also organizes my prospecting methods (WHICH IS HUUUUUUUUGE) when I cold called or even follow up call so I can never be late; or forget, which I know will soon lead to sales. I have recently become a member (just a few weeks ago) and can already see the value of my upcoming returns!

It has sooooooooo many other agent friendly features to help manage our clients such as: number of policies written, cells for all of their data to be inserted write down to the most detailed info. about them like: social security #, what companies you've written them on, types of policies, when their anniversay dates are, birthdays, I mean the whole 9 yards here! There's also a built in spread sheet so you can manage your business of how much you've written up to date! VERY NICE!!! No more calculators! Hurray!

It's got other bells and whistles too I am failing to mention at this time.

Now, l've saved the best for last:

You will receive the most STUPENDOUS technical support and other valuable industry support from Frank. NO MORE 1-800 #s, where you're placed on hold for an indefinite time period only to receive somebody who barey speaks English and gives you a ticket # for another 45 minute wasted call back time you have to place at a later date for at least 2 more times until you get an issue resolution or the ball rolling toward that. Fortunately, I have not had issues with YIO yet nor do I anticipate having any; but it sure is nice to know I won't have to contend with the time wasted ticket # run around like I have with other software systems and units I have purchased in the past.

Frank and his system are both phenominal and I highly recommend this minimal investment for a life long monumental return!

-Honest Agent
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