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Agency Management Systems

I'm not quite sure exactly what you are looking for but it won't cost a thing to take a look at "Your Insurance Office" (YIO)

If you have questions you can call me.
I've worked with TAM before and it is great for P and C but not for Life and Health. Unless you are willing to take the time to modify it for your needs.
Went with TAM Online. Seems to work fine w/both p and c and life and health. Haven't really tested out the company downloads from life and health carriers though.
TAM Online lets me access my records from anywhere, not just from the office. It integrates w/many of my carriers. The client records are backed up on their servers so I don't have to worry about losing the info on my machines. I'm also trying to make my office paperless, and the YIO software doesn't have that capability yet.
YIO looks like a good program. I'm just a computer geek and wanted a little more functionality and flexibility.