Agent-CRM or LessAnnoying CRM???

Hey guys,

I am considering Agent CRM or LessAnnoying CRM and wanted to hear your thoughts. Trying to keep my pricepoint below $50 per month and these both seem to fit the bill and I have realized that google contacts isn't cutting it anymore. Too much information falling through the cracks.

Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
Have you looked at RadiusBob?

radiusbob | Lead Management + CRM for Insurance Agents | Convert Leads. Manage Clients. Grow Revenue.
Radius Bob is good. It’s what we used before we created the pre-built A.I. Powered Agent Autopilot.

About to run a sick deal for Black Friday.
I'm using King Crm and very happy with that system. They have a referral program, so I use it for free. Please reach out if you are interested at all

So wait only 2 posts on the forum is pushing this CRM


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