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Agent Threatens to kill if she doesnt buy. WTF?


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I had a friend call me because his mother had an Agent contact her about buying some health insurance. When she asked how much, and he told her, She told him the cost was to high for her and the Agent then threatened to kill her. He even called back several times and left it on her message machine that she was not going to live past tonight if she didnt take the policy. Im lost on that one. I couldn't believe someone would go that low. She called the police and also I told her if she found out exactly who he was to call the TX DOI and report him.
man those NASE agents can go mental sometimes....what was the agents name we can look it up...
And I guess sales pressure can really get to some people.

Im not sure about the name yet but I will find out. He is supposed to have her call me but she hasn't yet. She is probably to scared to talk to an another agent now. I told him to have her call me and I promised to only break her leg or arm if she didn't buy! LOL
Very true and a lot of people are hesitant to buy because they likely got screwed by their last agent.

I find it very helpful when I talking with prospective clients to talk about my newletter. I also ask if I can shoot them out this month's newsletter at the end of the first call. That has a lot of positive implications for people since it's pretty tough for someone to "screw" you yet stay in touch with you every month.