Agents selling Evercare?


I just signed up to start selling Evercare for Dual Medicare and Medicaid seniors. I was wondering if there are any agents on here who have had luck and if so what advice would you have for me in regards to who sets your appointments, where you have gotten your leads and what works for you when you in front of the clients ect. I am new to the Health insurance industry and could use any advice.:yes:
I just came from a Bravo meeting to sell basically the same thing. The conclusion I came to (right or wrong) is telling the Medicaid seniors that the MA plan is replacing their Medicaid as primary payor would result in too many "I don't think so's"
Allow me to add one thing about Evercare "Chargeback" that is a very volatile product, It takes a very special "intelligent" prospect with some sense to make that product work. Otherwise it is just one big headache. IMHO:arghh:
Although the benefits these MA plans offer are richer than Medicaid I'm guessing the Medicaid senior don't want to start dealing with networks. It would also have to be an extremely dense local network to even think about it.
From my understanding you only get charge backs if they change in the first 3 months. To all who have applied have any of you sold this product. I'm really wanting to hear from some of you who have sold this exact product that could give me some good critical and positive advice. I'd like to hear the good and bad and hear what is working for you out there selling it. I know that this isn't a product for everyone and I will be very careful of who I sell this to, to make sure that it is the right product out there for them.
From my understanding you only get charge backs if they change in the first 3 months.

I think you may be getting MA plans and your dual eligible plans confused. It is my understanding that senior Medicaid benefits are supposed to be reviewed monthly and/or could be reviewed at anytime, and because of that those folks are never "locked in", and can cancel at any point. In my opinion it is to much work and time with to much risk. I am done gambling on the mental capacity of that cliental.

Hey but don't let me slow you down I am just a used up, beaten down old agent.
Most MA carriers will charge you a commission charge back if the client cancels the plan in the first 3 months.

I have not worked with the evercare product since they are not in the KC market, but I know they are in the St Louis area...Frank?
The warning flares go off when the marketing agencies tout 80% and 90% closing ratios. Unless you actually set the appointment and qualify before you leave the house, the best in-house closing percentages run around 20%.

Oh, but it's free? You need to look at human nature and you'll see that free means nothing. Watch people giving out free food samples at the mall and note the percentage of people who walk right by. Look at people passing out leaflets on a city street and note the percentage who walk by.

Also, giving "free" thinks actually gets people more on guard. A sales manager I had in my 1st sales job over - B to B sales - copied an age-old experiment showing that you cannot give away 20 one dollar bills in a row. And you can't. If you randomly approach 20 people to try to give each a dollar, most will turn you down.
True story......

My mom had some kittens that were mixed. She wanted to get rid of them so she put them in the paper as "free kittens". I think 1 person might have called. Well the next time she put them in for $50. They were sold within the week,maybe sooner I cannot remember.
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My story about my 1st sales manager handing out $1 bills was true and he didn't make it past three people.

I watch Kathy Griffin "My life on the D list." She went out handing out thousands of dollar to people - a lot said no.
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