Allstate and American Family


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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the insurance business and I am currently talking with American Family and Allstate. I am hoping that maybe you could give some feed back on what you think of these companies. Is Allstate a good company to start with?
I grew up in a state in the midwest with American family there, { I think they are ohio based} but I grew up in the south Iowa/ North Missouri areas and American family was everywhere and seemed to be good. They are not in my state here and now. P&C company. Not to be confused with AFLAC. I think they set you up with an office like farmer's does { or you set you up with an office}
I'm in a similiar situation. I am new to the biz. I just got my Life, Accident & Health lic. I am deciding between Allstate & State Farm.
I have been hearing stories of Allstate guys selling the agencies around here, do not know exactly why, nor if I can confirm it, check in your state to see if there has been a sale of agencies of some sort....
I have my car insured with American Family. They're based in Madison Wisconsin.
Haven't had any problem with them and I've insured with them over 20 years !
I'm not a seasoned vet, only been in the business for about months now, I've been with Allstate from the beginning. Great company to start out with in my opinion, great training, salary plus commission, great customer service and most of all everyone is so helpful when they know you're new, they don't talk down to you just really go out of their way to make sure you get the help you need and it doesn't matter how often you call they treat you the same every time. Not sure if I will stay with them down the line but for getting your foot in the door and getting trained right you can't beat it.
As a former EA with Allstate, I gotta say it's a great place to get started. They train all their new agents at home office in IL, pays lots of money to help you open an office and unlike most other captive, really put theit $$$ behind their mouth. But Allstate is Allstate, and they will always look out for number #1, when an u/w change means more profit to them, regardless of the impact on the agent they will swing head to toe in a heartbeat to drive their price of share. Of course that might leave the agent with a bag full of non-renewals, or a hold on a paritcular new line of business for the next 9 mos, but it is what it is.