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American Community


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I received information for the new American Community plan in AZ. It looks decent with a few perks like waiving the ded for accidents, and pre-x covered first day if disclosed on the app. I was wondering if anyone else might know about thier underwriting process, service, and broker relations?
I'm not sure about in Arizona, but they are pretty competitive here in Michigan. I picked up one of their brochures, and (It's not right in front of me cuz I'm out of town) there was an exclusion related to motor related activities. I took it as if something happened while in a car, cutting your lawn, or anything related to a motor, there would be no coverage available to the client. I haven't had time to actually look into that, or double check on it... but that is what I know about American Community.

As far as underwriting, I also actually have had insurance through them as well. (This was about 4 years ago)

I was 22 at the time, healthy as can be, and had not had insurance in about 3 years. I had to go through a paramed exam, but I was approved pretty quickly.
Here in MI they do not coordinate on the PIP coverage. So the auto carrier is first on the hook for any medical bills. So you need to make your clients aware of that fact so they can make sure there auto policy accounts for it. Generally means the PIP coverage has to be changed to primary and thus a small increase on their auto premium. If they don't change it and they file a claim some carriers charge a PIP deductible, which isn't the end of the world because they would have had one with their health carrier, but clients don't like surprises.....
Sorry for the late reply, but I just joined the board and found your post while searching for ACM (American Community Mutual) related info.

I have my own insurance through ACM and have sold several policies through them. Their underwriting is VERY STRICT, but if you can get through, they have wonderful plans for very reasonable costs. They almost always come in under Assurant, and that accident benefit is fantastic (break your arm and need surgery? fall off a ladder, hospitalized for two weeks? waives the deductible for all treatment within 30 days of the accident). They pay claims quickly, and their customer service is very friendly, personal, and easy to deal with.

For young, healthy people, I don't think you can beat their Next Generation HSA (via Health Equity -- no fees) or the new Medalist II plan (offers doctor visit and Rx copays at reasonable rates). For those with any health issues, though . . . underwriting is a bear. I just had them request m.d. records for a 50 year old client with borderline hypertension, controlled with low dose medication for nearly 4 years. Argh!