AMS letter I got today

Crabcake Johnny

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Dear Agent: (nice touch)

We previously notified you we are exiting from the individual health insurance market in Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia. Due to this action, we are informing you that effective May 15, 2007, we are terminating your American Medical Security Life Insurance Company agent appointment for life and health lines in the applicable state(s) listed above. However, your Agent Agreement (Agreement) with us and all other states appointments remain active.

Note 1: It's nice the AMS has a form letter for pulling out of states.

Note 2: Why in the world would I consider giving them a single piece of business when they're yanking themselves out of states.
we stopped writing AMS about 10 years ago for pulling the same thing in Florida. I still get a check from them every month for some group dental still on the books