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Another change with CMS


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I got a word from my FMO that Coventry received the blessing from CMS that we can switch a MA-PDP to a MA and a stand alone PDP? (This must be a PFFS for this to work properly).

So, technically speaking, that is 2 switch deal in a one time switch period. I asked months ago if we could do this and I was told no. And now we can?!?!?

Have any of you heard this yet from your up-lines?

Or, have any of you been doing this and if so, are members being processed correctly and enrolled with no gliches in the system?
From what I have been told is that they have 1 change from their current coverage, either an OEP or a L-OEP, not both.

That is an important question to ask people, if they have changed their coverage this year. If so, they go into the October / November contact folder!
Coventry communications

Here's the broker communications that they sent on 2/21.


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midwestbroker said:
So if I am reading this correctly, they can do an OEP enrollment, then do a L-OEP from April 1st -Dec 31st. But not both at the same time.

Correct; and follow all other rules as applicable.
If you have all their pertinent info like medicare #, dob, date they enrolled in Medicare, you could actually check this online at the www.medicare.gov website.

Once on the website, scroll down to compare plans, then personalized, then enter the date. CMS will tell you what this applicant can do now.

So you can double check in their home if you have a laptop, or in the office with their info.

No more second guessing.