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Another marketing technique

Crabcake Johnny

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Forgot about this one - trade shows and health expos:


This is the next health expo in my area. Grab yourself a booth and go to town. Get tons of brochures from your companies and some cheap give-aways.

You'll also need a trade show display:


I've done many of these and they work. You'll absolutely make a profit but there's obviously some upfront costs. The price of spaces are all over the map from $250 to $2,500 depending on the show.

Here's some trade show tips:

1) Don't get expensive give-aways. Interested people will come to your booth despite what you're giving away. Make sure any give-aways have your name, toll free number and web address. Also, don't get give-aways that people will throw in the trash when they get home - try picking something they'll keep. Always have candy in a bowl - it's dirt cheap and will bring the families with kids.

2) Don't sit. When you go to trade shows you'll see most people standing and anxiously awaiting people. You'll also see people sitting behind their table like they're bored off their skull. Stand in front of your booth with flyers and offer one to every single person who passes by.

3) Hit the other tables. The last show I was at the Aflac people went booth to booth giving everyone ducks.

4) Sell your services, not the plans. Don't make the mistake of going over the plan details. First off all, you represent many companies and there's too many plans to talk about. Instead, talk about what you do for your clients.

5) Don't show up by yourself. Most people who would have approached you won't if they see you're busy talking to someone else. Make sure you have two or possibly three people working with you.
I've done a few locally such as in Civic Groups. Never done a health expo though. Did okay, meant to do more this year but things got a little crazy and I didn't. Bad on me!

Shake hands, pass out pens and pads with logo's and have a list for people to sign if they want more information, use a giveaway such as a tool kit or something for them to sign up for.
FYI For Senior shows:

This is the first time I saw this:

Most booths had a give away where you fill out a card (Name address and phone #).

About 90% of the seniors there had their little return address labels and just stuck those to the cards. Pretty slick. They would walk up, take a pen, post it pad, some candy, and sticker the card & drop it in the box.
Senior Shows

I've never been to or seen a Senior Show. Where are they advertised? How do I find out if & when one is coming nearby?
Usually Senior Centers have them occassionally. Go find out who is hosting them and sign up for a table. Cost is fairly cheap, or you can just to one yourself and scheldule time at varying Senior Centers. First couple probably won't bring out many, usually I find when your at your third one people tend to come out and check you out. Of course you can invite other vendors to share in cost of advertising.
I usually find out about shows and events through the local senior news paper put out by the county. I pick that up at my local senior center and look at the rest of the ads they have posted.

I have done some events at local senior centers and as long as there was no enrollment talking place (educational only) then there was no cost involved.

The best way to get names is to do a give away with regisration cards. That way you have their name, address and #. $10 Wal Mart Cards work great!

I also go to county resources (like Johnson County Mental Health). They bring in speakers to talk about various issues. I am presenting to the case workers next month about Medicare changes for next year.

And last but no least, team up with the competition. I have lunch with a Coventry rep (#2 insurance in KC and our biggest competition). Might as well know what they are up to!

This is downright silly, but a lady in the building went to a Cat show. (yes...Cat show). She had a booth there and offered to place my cards on the table.

No cost to me. No time spent. This was a month ago. Got a call this morning from someone who was at the show and snagged one of my cards.

Wrote a ST policy on the son. $115 for three months of coverage. I think I make about $23. It took me about 30 minutes of discussion and online time.

I never liked cats that much. Maybe a tad less now.