Another Newbie Group Question


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In the past I sold individual policies, now I have 3 small groups (less than 12 employees) that want a group quote. Not being totally familiar w/group, what are the steps?

1: Census
2: Discuss plans w/customer that suit their needs
3: Quote
4: Customer decides which plan to go with
5: Fill out employer app and employee apps
6: Collect check
7: Submit to Carrier

Is this accurate? What am I leaving out?

Thanks in advance.
It really depends on your state and the company. The census requirements will vary, as will the need to actually collect a check. however, that is the basic gist of it.
Appreciate the info. I'm just so thankful to have 3 potential clients!

Does anyone have a good census form I can use? I could use one by unicare or one of the other carriers, but I think I would prefer to have a general one.

I don't pretent to know anything about group but I heard Nippon Insurance which is the largest insurer in Asia(from my understanding) is trying to make a push here maybe there guidelines are more flexable.