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I am a new and completely lost agent.

My office has told me to go after my "natural market", F&F, HR departments, etc.
It hasn't worked out very well.

I've been thinking about marketing systems, like the 3-step postcard system, etc.

Any advice what should I do to get better results?

PS: I suck at telemarketing and, on the top of that, have a weird accent.
I can relate.

Do you know the products?

Do you know how to compare summary of benefits?

If so - buy some pre-set appointments and go nail it.

If not - ride along with an experienced agent and learn - then earn.

We are putting in place a "team" concept. 2 relatively new agents - going out on pre-set appointments, sharing the presentations, the closings and the commissions. You'll make a little less in the beginning - but, you'll gain confidence and momentum.

Rotate who writes the apps so each will gain clients and renewals. Rotate evenly so nobody shots the other.

Where are you located?

Are you captive? FMO partnered? Direct?

Whatever you do - do something.

Good luck,

Hello free@last I started an entire site about Insurance Salesmanship and Marketing. The heart of the site is The Habitual Sales System, which covers all the selling points you should go over before you begin to market your solutions. Remember that you are selling Solutions, not a product. You are helping your clients with problems and risks by getting them the insurance they need.

Find a system that works for you and build on it, just keep a record of it so you can refer back to it when you need to. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me.
Good luck! Keep in mind opportunity often comes dressed in work clothes. :)
" Keep in mind opportunity often comes dressed in work clothes. "

I've had it happen in pajamas - heck, even naked . . .

I got my license for HLA with MetLife, but I want to go solo because it seems I'll be better off.

What is your take?

How do I do it now, since ,my license came with their name on it?