Any books on life and other basics?


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Anyone know of good basic books on the basics between all the life plans, common features, and uses? As I said in another post, I am not comfortable with my product training. Although I am licensed and appointed the info is overwhelming and I would like to read about concepts and applications.

The company literature has been helpful, but something more detailed may be beneficial to me. Just as an example, I understand the basics of WL and UL, but cannot quickly identify which would be more beneficial for what circumstances and all the pros and cons. Anything that goes into such topics, particular from a neutral bias, would be a good read for me.
Pretty much what it is. As I said the books are old, one from about 40 years ago. What is interesting is much of the complaints are still around today, some valid, some not.

Probably others more current but not with the same flavor . . .