Any Hawaii Agents?


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I have a case here in CA client is moving to Hawaii middle of summer and will need health insurance (underwritten or HIPAA) and a Medsupp plan for the spouse (within a few months after that).

Anyone here available to sell in the tropics? PM me!

FYI it is my understanding Hawaii has a GROUP insurance mandate and only the BCBS of HI is really active in individual plans, I believe they have ONE or TWO plans and that is all.

I researched it at one time and found there essentially was no individual market.

My guess is if there is no group they are going to end up at BCBS one way or the other. Med supp I have no idea.
As I understand it, the Hawaii BCBS is quite small, and Hawaii is predominantely a Kaiser turf. I would expect Kaiser would offer IFP as well, though I am not sure.

This prospect will be coming off of group in CA with likely no COBRA option in Hawaii (out of service area). Just need an agent who knows that market and can write the case.