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Anybody have experience with Reserve National products?


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I am running across a few folks with Reserve National health insurance. Lady I was talking with tonight was singing their praises...said they paid fantastic on a knee replacement surgery.

Anyone selling their products?
Never heard of them.

Their website seems to indicate this is a career shop, no brokerage.


An Equitable Commission Schedule
Commission schedules are designed to provide agents an above average income, while allowing the Company and its products to remain competitive in the marketplace. 2004 sales commissions are clearly a prime example of what potential the Company offers the ambitious salesman:

12% of the producing agents averaged a total income of $150,500.

49% averaged a total income of $87,500.

An Outstanding Lead System
Reserve National offers one of the best lead programs in the industry. The Home Office supplies agents with approximately 15-20 leads each week. To generate the steady supply of quality leads, a variety of marketing media may be utilized: handout leads, direct mail, television, newspaper ads, outdoor signage and telephone leads.

Other than that you really cant tell anything about their operation. Much of their site is under construction so you cant even view their product portfolio. When you pull up their locations I see 3 Schuster's in management positions. That may mean something or nothing.

I have worked in Knoxville & Nashville in the past and neither of the names listed for those cities mean anything to me. That may be irrelevant as well.

And this may be of interest, if it still is applicable.


Reserve National Insurance Company is headquartered in Oklahoma City and specializes in the sale of limited benefit accident and health insurance products to persons primarily in rural areas. Reserve National utilizes direct mail solicitation to its target markets to generate sales leads for its independent agent force

Aflac, Colonial type policies possibly?
They are a second tier insurance company at best. No need to sell it. When I run across a client that has them, it is an easy sale. Get a copy of their plan, read through it.

All clients love their low premium company when they dont use it.

If you are independent, you should have contracts with the major players in your state(s). Explain to your clients that you are the expert, and guide them to a good, real, health plan. Reserve National is not one of them.

Best of luck!
chp, reserve national is not, good, or real? how is it an easy sell if other products are much more expensive and they cant afford your policy?
I just converted a small group of 6 from Reserve National. The agent that sold it snooker the owner but it was not until one employee had to pay almost his entire hospital bill that he understood.

Stay with the big names, unfortunately there will be fewer of them in the future--aka Principal Financial, American Community ....
same as old United American semi-guaranteed-issue very limited benefit plans designed only for people who can't get "real" insurance otherwise

owner of company is good friends with dude named Mick E. Mouse