Anyone know anything about retired teacher's association LTC plans


Came across a company AMBA that has secured endorsements from 26 associations in 22 states, mostly retired teachers associations. They market several plans including what appears to be a competitive LTC plan to members of these retired teachers associations across the country. The insurer is UTA...United Teacher Associations Insurance Company. Would like to know if any of you know about this appears to be solid with good niche, competitive products. Thanks.

A lot of these are the same..Half those that are doing the endorsing are companies that are doing the endorsing....If they exist
I don't understand you response. The actual retired teacher's association for the state has endorsed the company. For example, I've seen the actual letter sent out to retired teachers in Texas from the actual TRTA (Texas Retired Teachers Assoc.) signed by the director of TRTA. That is not some other company endorsing another company. It's official.
These are called Affinity Plans whereby companies secure endorsements of large organizations, like shool systems, in return for a discount for the groups members. Some groups get paid a commission, ie; AARP, etc.

Buyer beware, as always...get quotes from the leading LTCi carries, too, Allianz, Genworth, John Hancock, Met Life and Prudential. The endorsed company may be less expensive but are highly likely to offer less comprehensive, integrated coverage than th big boy ordinary carriers. In the long run it's not the small premium savings but rater the payout at claimtime that counts.

There are likely different carriers for Ret Teachers in every state. Generally depends on who's cousin is in that staes legilature, if you know what I mean!!!