Anyone selling CIP?


Is anyone in Texas or the south selling CIP? Care Improvement Plus by XL Health. It's a special needs plan for people with chronic diseases. Just wanting to know your experiences good or bad? Just got off the phone with an irate client ready to drop it, luckily it wasn't my client, but I might have saved someone else's commission. If they drop it maybe I can pick them up w/ med sup ins. after helping them out. This was my first bad story from a client, after hearing from several others who were satisfied.
I have been looking into CIP. The program that I am looking at is in Missouri and Arkansas. I have talked to several agents who sell it and they have great things to say about it.

All depends on why the client was upset. Maybe it was an agent error, maybe the client heard what they wanted to hear, but it was good to hear that you had several that they were happy.
doctor problem

The problem was with their docs not taking it, but as you said, everyone else has said good things. I think it is a great program, but sometimes these doc issues begin cropping up as people start to use it. Not everyone goes to the doc on Jan. 1 I want to know if there are many issues of it being not accepted, or if this was an isolated case. I know some docs refuse all insurance except medicare/medicaid.