Anyone use

I don't remember what I used before, but I signed up for an agent website, that would draw traffic to my website, and I think it was like $300, and I thought it was a good deal, because then people would be calling me, as opposed to me calling them for business. And then they were going to charge per call that came in, or something like that - I don't remember the details, but i cancelled my contract with them before they even put up the site, because when I spoke to one of the owners, he was extremely pushy, and wasn't listening to my questions, and I would ask what is your name, and he would say, yes, the sky is blue.

However, that was one reason, but the other one was when I asked him a question, he answered it totally different than what I asked, but it was good, beause then I asked him a question on his answer, and found out that my website would not be up and running at all times, it would only be up and running on certain times throughout the day, but he couldn't tell me when that woudl be!!!!!!!!!

Of course they don't tell you these things upfront, so I said, oh, so this is like paying for a commercial, you can have it aired at the prime time or not so prime time, is that correct? Even commercial companies can tell me when it is playing. So, if I was looking for health insurance leads to call me, I never knew if my site would be up at 3:00 in the AM, when most people are working, or at midnight, or whenever. He couldn't answer this question, and I said CANCEL ME, NOW!!!!!!! And I affirmed it in writing and todl him I would be putting a stop on my account, so they couldn't debit it.

So, just be careful about the hidden things they don't tell you and make sure the picture you have in mind, as well as the results are clearly stated.
There is someone on the boards who recommended this company for agent websites not too long ago... I don't remember who it was... do a search but I think they have their agency website built through them.

Probably would be a good place to start if you are soliciting feedback.
Here is my site.

I like it. Easy to use.

Bob like the look but on my browser is loading real slow and you might want to take a look at your link on your instant quote page. I believe you are using quotit it does not come up on my computer. The page seems to be down just a heads up.
Marc -

Just checked it. Instant quote link to Quotit is fine. Also, page loaded quickly.

Currently using Firefox but have had no trouble with IE either.
The Health button is a general information site maintained by Agent Quote. Just clicked it and the page loaded. There was a slight hesitation, but eventually loaded.

They also include a quote form on that link.