Anyone Using OPEN OFFICE?

Yes...we have it on our home computer. There are a lot of different programs designed (I think) to mimic Microsoft Office programs.

The kids use it all quite a bit for school projects.

Without spellcheck...I would have misspelled "mimic."
My son used it for about a year, probably only the word processor. A friend of mine has been using it for a couple of years now (at my suggestion) without any issues at all.

Can't beat the price.

Anyone using Open Office....?????


Open Office is great. MSOffice Pro came with all of my business computers, but on the home system I put Open Office. It has all the programs you need that are similar to MSOffice, and you can set it to default open and save everything to MSOffice extensions. Document sharing is seamless with MS, and others would never even know that you used a different program to create them. It's quite intuitive to use, and in many ways, just like MSOffice Pro.

Some would even say its better. And, as stated above by Rick, it's free! (Unless you choose to be a sport and voluntarily donate, which you should!)
MS Office stand alone costs more than some computer bundles these days and is very basic, outdated, and not worth 1/3 the cost they get away with. Unless you are a high end corporate user - Open Office will do just fine and is free.
I've been using OO for about 5 years now. On the Mac the version is called NeoOffice.

The only problems I've had is the sound on power-point files. But I don't ever make them and I don't get many either. I also have not used the database since I have MySQL on my Mac and I know how to front-end it with phpMyAdmin (not that hard). I run form-letters from ascii files exported to the spreadsheet instead of a database.

Instead of asking about OO, just download it and give it a try. It's free. If you don't like it, spend the money on MS Office.