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Do you use AOR letters on group and/or individual?

About a third of the business I have written with KP in the last 2 yrs has been via AOR transfer. I just found out that Aetna allows AOR transfers for group and individual. Checking to see how many other carriers recognize the AOR.
I've done a few Golden Rule AOR transfers on cases where a customer needed to stay put due to health conditions and had lost touch with their agent many years prior. As far as national companies, I'm not sure about Humana and I don't think Assurant does them.

A local CT carrier called Connecticare allows them on group or individual.
Time allows AOR transfer on individual after the first year. Same for GR.

BX of GA almost never allows an AOR transfer. Their criteria (unless it has changed) is 1)you must have written 100+ new individual apps in the prior year and 2) you must have at least 500 active lives (non-group) on the books.

Haven't heard back from Humana.