How long does it usually take to get appointed with insurance co. once you are licensed and is it a good idea to start generating leads so they can be in place once you are ready to go. Would that be moving to fast?

This would depend upon the carriers.. department, people etc.
I worked for a broker in the past and I would call and get their apps. etc. to give to him to fill out and mail.. can take some time.

Issues that I would run into:

The contact person I would send the information to (usually the licensing dept) would lose the information. I would have to resend it.

The contact person is not very quick.. or does not like what they do.. do so they take their sweet time.. etc.

You have to keep in mind that they are dealing with hundreds of agents that want to write for them.

Some carriers have the mind set of-- I will do anything for you.. you (THE AGENT) is my customer..

Others have the mind set of "you are bugging me to do what I am getting paid to do" ...

This was my motto:

I would call into carriers and ask to speak with the licensing department and find out what the processes were... etc.

IF I had trouble getting to that department or person for just "general questions" ... then we would forget them.

This is why... and what was discovered... if I can not get through to ask about an appointment to someone, and get stuck in voice mail... etc. how are they going to be when it comes time to issue my agent his CHECK.

This was a great rule of thumb. The ones we ruled out were the ones that were hard to get a hold of.. and the ones that would take 5-6 months to PAY HIM...!

Currently I work for an MGA. We are licensed in all states... we just ask someone to fill out an online app. with us, W9 etc. once you are through the system and approved you are good to go. (you also need E&O coverage.. etc. etc.) We always thrive for a 24 hour quote turn around... alot of times it is sooner than that. Good Luck.