Argh! If only they'd call me...


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So, in the last 24 hours I found out two things....

1 - Anthem BC CA receives a significant number of monthly small group sole-prop no DE-6 spousals that they decline. (DE-6 is CA quarterly wage and tax report),

2 - Health Net receives domestic employee applications for (rich people's) domestic staff for small group, which they decline.

Now, Anthem will write and approve GI the domestic staff cases, and Health Net will allow spousal sole props without payroll on the spouse as long as both names are on bus license, ficticious statement and schedule C.

If only chocolate could meet peanut butter (old TV commercial for us foggies).
Sounds like a case of 'load 'em up and we'll move to Beverlee'

Hills, that is

Black Gold

Texas T